The Pan African Association for Literacy and Adult Education (PAALAE) is a non-political, non-governmental, voluntary partnership based in Dakar, Senegal. The Association is recognized by UNESCO and the Organization of African Unity (OAU). It is a founder member and, currently, a regional member of the International Council for Adult Education.

PAALAE is composed of national adult education associations, NGOs, institutions and individuals active in the field of literacy and adult education. It has its beginnings from the now defunct African Association for Literacy and Adult Education (AALAE), which was founded in 1984 following the merger of AAEA and Afrolit society.

The fundamental objective of the Association is to promote adult education in all its variety of forms and dimensions and in relationship to the need for healthy growth and development of individuals, communities and societies in the African region. In this respect, the Association shall:
  • promote literacy and adult education
  • increase the understanding of the people and governments of Africa about lifelong learning by focusing on the relationship between literacy, adult, continuing and vocational education on the one hand and development on the other.
Rue 10, Bldg. 306
B.P. 10358 Dakar
E-mail: or
Fax: 22 1 - 824 4413

Steering Committee
Lamine Kane (Senegal), Coordinator

Yacine Diagne (Senegal)
Joseph Pokawa (Zimbabwe)

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